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Tweed Watch Straps – Should I buy one?

Watch buyers and collectors are often assailed by new ideas and suggestions on how to make their collection or their beloved dress watch that wee bit different from the rest. One recent accessory is the advent of the tweed covered watch strap.

For those of you who do not know, Tweed was originally called “Twill” and is a type of cloth woven from sheep’s wool. The weave is characterized by diagonal lines, that are created by an offset in the warp threads. It is a weave that was, and still is much sought after for it hard wearing characteristics. Its strength and durability are derived from its’ high thread count, making the end product opaque, thick, and durable.

Tweed derives its modern name from an error made by a London cloth Merchant. In the year 1826 he received a letter from a William Watson & Sons of Commercial Road, Hawick, Scotland, a manufacturer of Twill. Instead of writing “Twills” the manufacturer of the Twill had used the Scottish dialect form of the word and had written “Tweels.” This had caused some confusion but the merchant, being knowledgeable about Scotland, had assumed it was “Tweed” and in his mind, named after the famous River Tweed.

If the buyer’s concerns are the appearance and stylishness of a Tweed strap, the choice to buy remains the wearer. The Scotland Watch Company believe that Tweed straps are the new alternative to the norm and a very creditable alternative to silicon and other modern materials in terms of it.

If your choice is based on durability, then look no further. The Scotland Watch Company chose to include Tweed straps based the high regard the consumer has placed on this very Scottish material for hundreds of years.

Have a look at the Tweed Straps available on our upcoming “Saltire” range.

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