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Classic, Scotland-themed watches

A bit of Scotland on your wrist

The Saltire Collection

Company Name Rev.png
Company Name Rev.png

The Saltire Collection

Classic, Scotland-themed watches

A bit of Scotland on your wrist

*Limited to 200 numbered pieces of each variation

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Flag of a Nation

Designed By Scottish Horologists

Canny Craftsmanship

The Saltire Collection

Saltire Day

The Saltire Day dial brightens up a day, whatever the season.


The dial features:​

  • Bright, sky blue enamel

  • Ethereal cloud-like Saltire Cross 

Saltire Night

An ode to Scotland's clean air and starlit skies, the Saltire Night's custom-moulded blue aventurine dial breathes fresh air.


The dial features:

  • Navy blue aventurine

  • Dotted Milky Way Saltire cross

Saltire Northern Lights

Aurora Borealis, also known as the "Mirrie Dancers" in the Orkney and Shetland Islands, shimmers across Scotland's Northern skies throughout the winter months,

The dial features:

  • Navy blue aventurine

  • Dotted Milky Way Saltire Cross

  • Aurora Borealis

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For the love of Scotland

The Saltire Collection integrates elements of Scottish culture,  into a beautifully crafted timepiece.

Named after the National Flag of Scotland

"The Saltire", is the name of the National Flag of Scotland

The Saltire consists of a white cross, also known as the St. Andrew’s Cross, on a blue background. Each watch in the Saltire Collection has subtle representations of the cross hand-painted on the dial.
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Thistle-shaped Zero Hour Marker

Oh Flower of Scotland: The inspiration for the Saltire's Zero Hour Marker and Logo

Thistles are found growing all over Scotland. It's unique purple and green colours pepper the hills high and low. We have designed our "zero hour marker", or "twelve hour marker", on the sapphire bezel insert in the shape of a thistle. All markings on the bezel insert will be filled with Swiss made Super-Luminova luminescence.

Practice Chanter
Second Hand

The starting blocks for all aspiring bagpipers was the inspiration for our second hand

A wind instrument used to practise the bagpipes.
The first mention of Scottish bagpipes being played was in 1314 at the Battle of Bannockburn against the invading English army.


Practice Chanter:

1 KIng & the Chanter_edited.jpg


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Sapphire Crystal Bezel Insert

Sapphire is a compelling choice for both durability and aesthetics

Chanter-shaped Seconds Hand

Inspired by the practice chanter, used by pipers to fine tune their skills

Swiss Super-Luminova

Highest grade luminescence on hands, dial numbers and bezel markers

Automatic Seiko Movement

Self-winding with analogue date and day display

Domed Sapphire Crystal

Scratch-proof double-domed with inner anti-reflective coating

Custom Made Straps

Straps made with Scottish tweed, purchased from tweed mills in the Scottish Borders


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Only 200 numbered pieces of each variation being made, each with unique number you can choose.

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Support the Saltire and receive THREE Strap Variations!

Stainless Steel
Scottish Tweed
on Leather
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Classic Subtlety & Sophistication

Northern Lights Wite Fade portrait.png
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With the Stubborn Durability of a Highland Coo

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First time supporting a Crowdfunding project?

This is a very common model popularised by Kickstarter to support innovators and help fund their breakthrough ideas. This is how it works:


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Crowdfunding complete

Your watch is manufactured

Your watch arrives at your door, anywhere in the world

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are unclear about anything, please contact us at

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1. Who is Scotland Watch Company?

Two years ago a "well-aged" Scottish horologist Tomek Borkowy decided to create a watch company. The combination of Tomek's love for Scotland and watches led to him fulfilling his dream to create quality watches dedicated to the history and culture of Scotland.  SWC does not want to make tourist tat, but design and produce short runs of unique themed mechanical art.

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2. How does a Kickstarter Crowdfunder work?

SWC are raising funds directly from supporters like you to fund the manufacturing of The Saltire. For the pre-millennial generation this is still an unfamiliar way of raising money.  It is similar to any crowdfunding campaign for a charitable cause, but this one is to finance the production of a unique short run watch collection. This is how it will work:

Please start by subscribing to our email list. This is where you will receive all the necessary information regarding the launch of the Kickstarter campaign. Then, email us to reserve the unique number and for what watch variations that you would like. Once we are confident that we will have enough supporters to reach our crowdfunding goal we will set a date to launch the crowdfunder. You will be informed by email when the crowdfunding campaign is going live. You will then be able to pledge your support to the Saltire using the Kickstarter platform. If we are successful in reaching our crowdfunding goal we will begin manufacturing. If we are unsuccessful, your money will be automatically deposited back into your account. 

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3. What if I change my mind? Can I get a refund?

You may withdraw your pledge on the Kickstarter platform at any point. All orders will be fully refundable up until the point where manufacturing starts, whereby you will be notified by email. Reach out to with any questions about refunds.

How I can be sure that my money is safe?

Your money will be held by kickstarter, a very well trusted crowdfunding website. If we are successsful in reaching our fundraising target then we will announce the start of production.  Up to this point, if you change your mind, you can ask for your money back and complete the refund on the kickstarter platfrom. If you have any questions, please write to

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4. Will you be shipping internationally?

Yes, we’ll be shipping globally. 

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5. When will the watches be delivered after ordering?

We will begin the manufacturing process immediately after we reach our fundraising target. We believe production lead times will be 3-4 months and roughly another month or so for logistics and shipping.  

We will prioritise delivery of the watches to our earliest supporters.

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6. Why will it take so long? Why do I have to wait for delivery?

We will produce watches as fast as possible after we hit our fundraising target.  However, the intricate details and the unique design of the Saltire Collection means that each watch will take time to produce. We will be moulding the case, dial, hands and indexes from scratch; the movements will be imported from the Seiko factory in Japan and the Super-Luminova will be imported from Switzerland.  In order to ensure the highest-quality product, we cannot rush the process.

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7. How can I check the progress of the fundraiser?

How do I know about progress of the fundraising, and process of production?

You will be able to keep up with the progress of the crowdfunder on our kickstarter page. We will also be informing supporters of the process by email, so it is receommended that you stay subscribed. You can also follow us on Instagram and Facebook for live updates. After reaching our fundraising target we will announce the start of production and inform you of progress.  As always, you can contact us on

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8. How can I access my Early-Early-Bird Discount? 

Subscribe to the email-list and you will receive an email talking about this process. If something doesn’t look right, or you did not receive an email right away, write to and we will be happy to help.

Once piece of important information is that there will be a limited amount of watches offered at the Early-Bird price. Supporters who send us emails privately will be notified first when the Kickstarter launches. The first 10 supporters will receive a massive 25% discount on their watches when they purchase the entire collection of 3 different watches.  240 “Early-Bird” supporters will receive a 20% discount when purchasing 1 watch of any kind. All other supporters will receive a 15% discount.

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9. How can I choose my individual number for my Saltire(s)?

All supporters will be able to personalise their watch by reserving the number of their choice (1-200) of each variation. This can be done on our reservation page  When you reserve the watch, you will be able to select from a list of remaining numbers for each of the variations. This selection process will be on a “first come first serve” basis. If your number has already been selected, you will have to choose another number. If you have no preference for a specific number we will randomly allocate you one.

If you need any help, please write to

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10. Can I buy all three variations of the Saltire Collection?

Yes, and for this we will apply a 25% discount.

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11. Can I buy more than one of a single variation?

Yes, you are free to purchase as many as you wish as long as we have enough remaining in our quota of 200 per variation.

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12. Where will the watches be manufactured?

We have a long-standing relationship with quality watch manufacturers in Shenzhen, China. Eight years ago our founder Tomek Borkowy produced special watchcases for marriage watches.  At the start of production he will go Shenzhen to oversee the production process and ensure quality.

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