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The Saltire Collection

Named after the flag of Scotland. Designed with subtle features reflecting the uniqueness of Scottish history, culture, natural beauty, and art.


Limited edition, featuring hand painted dials.

Flag of a Nation

Hand Painted Dials

Designed By Scottish Horologists

Canny Crafstmaship

 Expanding Horology Education in Scotland 

The Saltire Collection
Saltire Day

Scotland’s summer can be short and often falls on as little as a weekend! The Saltire Day dial brightens up a day, whatever the season. The dial features:

  • Bright, sky blue enamel

  • Hand-painted ethereal cloud-like Saltire Cross 

Saltire Night

An ode to Scotland's clean air and starlit skies, the Saltire Night's custom-moulded blue aventurine dial breathes fresh air. The dial features:

  • Navy blue aventurine

  • Hand-painted dotted Milky Way Saltire cross

Saltire Northern Lights

Aurora Borealis, also known as the "Mirrie Dancers" in the Orkney and Shetland Islands, is often shimmering across Scotland's Northern skies throughout the winter months, The dial features:

  • Navy blue aventurine

  • Hand-painted dotted Milky Way Saltire Cross

  • Hand-painted Aurora Borealis

Scotland Watch Company is one of the only watch microbrands using rare and artisinal manufacturing techniques, such as hand painted bespoke watch dials.

Three Friends and a Dream

A story as diverse as Scotland itself
Coming from very different backgrounds, horologists Robert, Tomek and Colin all share a passion for watches and deep love for Scotland. In 2020 they set forth on a mission: to design and produce watches with subtle Scottish themes.
Scotland Watch Company 3 founder members
SWC Watches Designed in Scotland

Designed in Scotland

Hand-painted Aventurine and Enamel Dials
We design our watches in-house and purposefully select artisinal manufacturing techniques, such as hand painted dials, that you will not see anywhere else. The Saltire, flag of our nation, is carefully hand-painted onto the dial, and only reveals itself upon close inspection.

Expanding Horological Education in Scotland

Committed to the future of watchmaking and horology
Scotland Watch Company will donate 5% of its profit from the Saltire Collection and all future lines to further expand horological education in Scotland.
Scottish Hand Painted Watches
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During the 18th century, Scotland developed an expertise in watch and clock making unmatched by any other country, according to historians and watchmakers of the time. In today's day and age, master-watchmakers and horologists are as rare as they come in Scotland. To help revive an interest in horological crafts, the Scotland Watch Company is developing an informative programme to be delivered in schools. We aim to engender curiosity in students and young adults through education. If you would like to know more about this programme, please click the button below.


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