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Aventurine Dials Polishing Process

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Dear SWC Supporters,

Production of the first batch of Saltire's is well under way. The Aventurine Dials have been cut and the Enamel Dials have been fired. After mounting the material onto the metal dial plates, they are then polished and sent to our artist for painting.

Below is a short video that takes you through the polishing process for your Aventurine Dials.

These dials will be used for the Saltire Night and Saltire Northern Lights.

In other news, we have an exciting announcement to make:

SWC have created an "Introduction to Horology and Watchmaking" course for teenagers aged 14 -16.

We hope to engender a curiosity in young adults so that they may consider making horology their career choice.

Through an interactive presentation, SWC introduce students to the historical, artistic, mechanical and scientific theories and different areas of craftsmanship that govern horology and watchmaking.

SWC are currently working with the British Horological Institute, Scottish education authorities and secondary schools in the Scottish Borders to get this programme into local schools there. The first presentation will take place on the 9th of May at Selkirk Secondary School.

The more exposure that the "Introduction to Horology" course gets, the more students we will be able to present to. Therefore we would like to call upon YOU... the wonderful supporters of SWC:

- Do you have ideas regarding the development of this programme?

- Do you have have friends or relatives who can help introduce us to education authorities in your local area?

If so, please reply to this email. We always respond to every email that we receive. We would be very happy to share more information about the course with you.

As you know, SWC is a young company. We embrace the view that all corporate entities have a duty to offer payback to their local community. In our case, this takes the form of education.

SWC have decided to donate 5% of all profits of the Saltire collection AND future collections for further development of horological education within Scotland.

By supporting us, you are also supporting the future of watchmaking and horology in Scotland.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

All the best,

The SWC Team

Robert Reid-Kay and Tomek Borkowy

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