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We're a watch design and production company who create classic, luxury watches with subtle features reflecting the uniqueness of Scotland's culture, history, natural beauty and art.   

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My Horological Journey – Part 3 ‘The Saltire Collection’

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

Please follow this link to find out more about the Saltire Collection!
Saltire Case Design and Dimensions

I realised that creating a new watch is like producing and directing a theatre play. To attract audience the producer/director has to create something new and exciting within the restrictions of the old structure. He/she could have a new text, new actors and new stage design, but the relationship between stage and audience hasn’t changed during the history of this art. I believe that it’s the same with watch production. We may have an innovative movement, new materials for cases, faces and other parts, but the essence of the relationship between an owner and their time-piece hasn’t changed for centuries.

We are seeking to attract people by creating a narrative, which connects them with the watch they are going to wear on their wrists. We are telling wearers of our watches about Scotland, her people, her beauty, her history, her past and present international relations. We connect Scotland with people who wear SWC watches.

The Saltire Collection carries a narrative about the small proud nation. In Saltire Day, Saltire Night and Saltire Northern Lights we use Scottish colours and reminiscences of Scottish elements. The three different faces have a hidden St. Andrew’s cross, the main element of the Scottish national flag. The bezel zero mark is stylised as a thistle, the Scottish emblem and the second hand is modelled as a practice chanter. There are some other Scottish elements which you can find for yourselves.

We will produce a limited edition of 170 numbered watches of each variation of the Saltire Collection. All 510 watches will have sapphire crystal and will be powered by Seiko NH36A movement.

If this has sparked interest please join our mailing list and Scotland Watch Company’s internet community to receive more information about the company and our watches. However, if watches are not in your circle of interest but you know someone who would be interested in unique, elegant, quality watches with Scottish themes please do pass on this information.

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