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The Saltire

Classic. Stunning. Scottish.

*Only 153 pieces of each variation available!

Three variations: A Continuum of Light

The Saltire collection carries narrative about the past, present and destiny of a proud and powerful nation.

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Saltire Night
Saltire Day
Saltire Northern Lights

We use reminiscences of meaningful Scottish elements and colours in our designs.  The hand-painted faces of Saltire Day, Night and Northern Lights have a subtle image of the St. Andrew’s cross, which represents the Scottish national flag.  The bezel zero mark is stylised as a thistle, the Scottish flower.  The second hand is modeled on a practice chanter used by students learning to play the bagpipes. There are various other Scottish "easter eggs", which we hope you will have lots of fun finding yourselves. 

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Saltire Day

Scotland’s summer can be short and often lasts for as long as a weekend. The Saltire Day dial brightens up a day, whatever the season. The dial features:

  • Bright, sky blue enamel

  • Hand-painted white Saltire Cross 

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Saltire Night

An ode to Scotland's clean air and starlit skies, the Saltire Night's custom-moulded blue aventurine dial breathes fresh air. The dial features:

  • Navy blue aventurine

  • Hand-painted dotted Saltire cross

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Saltire Northern Lights

Aurora Borealis is a sight to behold and Scotland's Northern Cape is luckily enough to be exposed to this natural phenomenon all throughout the year. The dial features:

  • Navy blue aventurine

  • Hand-painted dotted Saltire Cross

  • Hand-painted aurora borealis

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Canny Craftsmanship
Uncanny Design

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Classic sophistication & subtlety

Created with passion for Scotland, each of our watch designs are an elegant fusion of art and engineering. They have distinctive and subtle features reflecting the uniqueness of Scottish history, culture and art.

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Powered by the movements of your own daily routinehand

Not all watches are born equal, and not all of them have a personality. Mechanical watches are definitely the real thing when it comes to sophistication and appreciation for human ingenuity. Entirely powered by the movement of your hand.

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Refined simplicity suited perfectly to both formal and casual occasions

Whether you are bossing board meetings, have groomsman duties at your best friends wedding, serving customers, bagging Munros, fishing, pishing or golfing, quality of craftsmanship will ensure the durability of your watch.

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Quality is in the details

Every piece is checked for its robustness and dependability. We employ the best watchmaking practices and technologies to ensure our timepieces will outlast you.

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The Saltire Highlights

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Sapphire Crystal Bezel Insert

Sophisticated and subtle lumed zero-marker in a thistle shape

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Hand Painted Dials

Dark-blue aventurine and light-blue enamel dials, with a subtle hand-painted Saltire cross

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Chanter Second Hand

Inspired by different elements of Scottish culture and history

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Swiss Super-Luminova

Highest grade luminescence on hands, dial numbers and bezel markers

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Automatic Seiko NH36A Mechanism

Self-winding with analogue date and day display

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Domed Sapphire Crystal

Scratch-proof double-domed with inner-anti reflective coating

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Classic Subtlety & Sophistication

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With the Stubborn Durability of a Highland Coo

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